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Every October, since 2016, I donate a portion of my sales to Cancer Action in memory of my Mom and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Well, being in the middle of a pandemic where my business has taken a huge hit, I had to get creative in order to pull it off this year. And WOW, was it a success. I teamed up with @whiskeyandbone, and made bracelets where all the proceeds would be donated. I thought I’d sell 10-15...and sold 80! You guys, I am so thankful for your support!!! Unbelievable🥰A total of $2,067!!! They did not expect this, due to COVID, and were ever so appreciative. I included some photos to show some of the resources they provide individuals and families going through cancer. It’s a tough year for many, but I do believe if we keep the money circulating, give where we can, it fills your heart and comes back to you. #istandupformymom #canceraction #supportlocal
Victory!!!!! Peace, love and let the healing begin💙 #kamalaharris #joebiden #byedon
Today I voted for peace, for women, for my nieces and nephews, for those who cannot exercise their rights, for those with struggles I may not experience but need our voices, and for change. And damn, does it feel powerful! Get out and #vote, not just for yourself but for everyone. #change #peace #humanrights #womensrights #blacklivesmatter
Today kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness month! I’ve already sold 13, filling up that donation bank...let’s keep it going all month!This post, every year, triggers a lot. But, it’s part of it.
That group photo was the last picture we ever took together, at the time I had no idea it would be. My Mom gave me life, she gave me love. She was a fighter til the end, and she was put through hell. Everything that could go wrong with her journey, went wrong. We were robbed of a lot of time together, and it isn’t fair. Early detection is key in saving lives, one step that was missed that kicked off what went wrong with my Mom’s diagnosis. Angers me to think about it. Get your breast exams, mammograms, and advocate for yourself and health no matter what!! This will be year 5 for my October donations to Cancer Action, in memory of my Mom. Cancer Action is a local resource for those going through any cancer diagnosis. They provide therapy, medication, mammograms, hats, scarves, rides to treatment. There really isn’t a thing they do not do to support a person and their family. Covid has taken a toll everywhere, especially charities like these. So, let’s make it happen this year and give them some $$$ that will be more than appreciated, and used very wisely!
Bracelets are $35, special edition. They will be sold through October and all proceeds will be donated. I am even donating the cost it takes for supplies to make them. DM or swing by to purchase! #f**kcancer #breastcancerawareness #istandupformymom #beyoutify
Every October I donate a portion of my sales to Cancer Action, in honor of breast cancer awareness and in memory of my Mother. I’ve been stressing on what to do this year, because my business does not have the muscle it used to, due to Covid. I got together with my girl, and we created these beauties!! *SPECIAL EDITION BRACELETS* I will cover the cost and all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Action. Let’s hope I sell out so we can make more! These will be available all of October. $35, variety of sizes and designs. #cancersucks #breastcancerawareness #istandupformymom #thankyou #iheartkcsmallbiz
I officially made it to the final round for #besthairremoval AND #bestairbrushtan! This will be the first year there is an airbrush tanning category, woohooo! Get your vote on from today until 9/30. The Pitch-Best of KC-Goods and Services-Best Airbrush Tan and Best Hair Removal. #beyoutify #bestofkc2020 #sugaringhairremoval #airbrushtanning @ Be•YOU•tify
Drawing has been calming my anxious mind, A LOT, these days. Here are a few that turned out:) Selling a condo and house hunting is BRUTAL. But, I’m turning the stress into something pretty! And big thanks to @gevensarcia for being the best partner and support through all the chaos 2020 has served up. #smile #arttherapy #floral #beyoutify @ Be•YOU•tify
When my girl, @tarrahrose, spoils me🥰 Is there anything this creator cannot do?! She just started her journey as a metal smith and WOWIE! This laboradite beauty and snake skin agate are miiiiine😍 Thank you, my love. @whiskeyandbone #makersofkc #bestofkc2020 #iheartkcsmallbiz #shopsmall #supportlocal #beyoutify

Oh, hey. Maybe today is a GREAT day to arrest Breonna Taylor’s MURDERERS! #breonnataylor #sayhername @ Be•YOU•tify
Best of KC nominations for @thepitchkc have begun! You have until 7/31 to nominate your favorites. I would be honored to get nominated for #bestairbrushtan and #besthairremoval. Thank you, thank you! #iheartkcsmallbiz #shopsmall #supportlocal #beyoutify #sugaringhairremoval #spraytan #sugarwax #tan @ Be•YOU•tify
[06/23/20]   Taking a much needed break from FB. Figured I should log on to tell my clients. If you need me I am on Instagram @beyoutifykc and/or text me at 913-777-4217. Much love!
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As we all navigate through the new normal, remember to be kind and gentle to yourselves and others. I’m full of stress and anxiety preparing to open again. Things will not be the same, it will take time to get in to a groove with new protocols. Business owners are finding out information daily of things we need to post, change, add on etc. It is a lot to juggle and think about, on top of rescheduling everyone. Please be patient if I am a little scattered, my timing is off for a bit, or if you are having trouble reaching me. Ways you can help once I open, please be sure to arrive early for your service, it will be a big challenge to squeeze late clients, I will not be able to moving forward. Wait in your car until you receive a text saying you are welcome to enter, have your mask on and hands ready to sanitize. I thank you all for your patience and loyalty. I am excited to see you and catch up on life! Cheers❤️ #beyoutify #sugaringhairremoval #airbrushtanning #sugarwax #spraytan #sugar #tan #iheartkcsmallbiz #supportlocal
Opening day is 5/26!!! I can’t wait to see you all! With that being said, I am still nervous for all of us. The salon will be different. It may take some time for me to get in a rhythm, please be patient if things are not as smooth running for the first month or so. New procedures/requirements:

• I ask that everyone please wear a mask. I wish I could provide these for you, but the cost is too much to absorb. I will have some on hand to purchase in the event you forget.
• Upon arrival, please text me and wait in your car until I tell you to come in.
• I will open the door for you, to limit hands touching the handle.
• I will have sanitizer by the door, I ask that you use upon entering.
• Please limit the amount of personal items you bring inside.
• Only people allowed in the salon will be myself and the person receiving the service at that scheduled time.
• I will have a mask on and will continue to thoroughly sanitize between clients.
• I will charge the card I have on file, sign for you or if you have a stylist pen you can bring and use that.
• Sanitize your hands on the way out.
• I will open the door for you as you leave.

Please, please be sure to arrive early/on time so we are not rushed and I have the whole time to work. Things will be tight, so I won’t be able to squeeze people in when late. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you all❤️ #sugaringhairremoval #airbrushtanning #sugarwax #spraytan #sugar #tan #beyoutify #iheartkcsmallbiz
What’s sugaring, you ask? Only the best form of hair removal around, an ancient technique that has been modernized. Sugaring is an eco-friendly alternative to waxing. It is a combination of sugar, water and lemon. The mixture is applied with a gloved hand, in the opposite direction of hair growth, it seeps in to the follicle, wraps around the hair and removes the hair the natural direction of growth. Sugar is not hot, will not burn the skin, will not tear skin, less likely to break off hair, because of the method you are able to remove hair at a shorter length, typically lasts longer than waxing, water soluble aka easy to clean up and great for sensitive skin. Exfoliating the dead skin, while removing the hair, and leaving you silky smooth! Swipe left for a demo pick! #tiptuesday #sugaringhairremoval #sugarwax #wax #sugar #beyoutify #shopsmall #supportlocal @ Be•YOU•tify
Dreaming of getting back to work as I bring you this #tiptuesday. As nicer days approach, I’m sure many are anxious to throw on your summer wears...but ya got some hairs! Pleeeeease refrain from any at home sugaring or waxing, PLEASE. If you must, shave WITH the growth of your hair...that will be less irritating to your skin. You may not be silky smooth, but you will appear hair free! Continue to exfoliate and hydrate. Hope to see you all in May. Stay healthy and stay home! #beyoutify #sugaringhairremoval #sugarwax #wax #iheartkcsmallbiz #shopsmall #supportlocal
It’s #tiptuesday! Did you know that if you put a hot compress on your skin prior to tweezing, you are less likely to break the hair? Use a warm washcloth, set on the area for 3-5 minutes and tweeze carefully after. You will get a clean extraction from the root because the pores are open from the heat. Be careful not to get tweezer happy tho! #eyebrowsaresisters #nottwins #sugaringhairremoval #sugarwax #sugar #iheartkcsmallbiz #shopsmall #supportlocal #beyoutify
Raffle drawing is in my story! But wanted to say thank you again! You all have showed so much love and support through this unknown, challenging time. Not just for me, but I’m seeing so much KC love on social’s so uplifting. Enjoy the beautiful weather we are having today! And thank you again to all the participants. The funds leftover will be going towards salon rent this month❤️ #thankyou #raffle #shopsmall #supportlocal #iheartkcsmallbiz @ Be•YOU•tify
You have until 5pm today to enter my raffle! All these goodies, along with an airbrush tan, and another addition to be revealed when I do the drawing Sunday! $5 entry, $10 for 3 entries and no limit!
KC, I gotta say...I am super proud to be from a city that supports one another. It’s been something very positive to see these last weeks❤️ We are AWESOME! #thankyou #shopsmall #supportlocal #raffle #winnerwinnerchickendinner #beyoutify @ Be•YOU•tify
How can you support your #local #smallbusiness?
⭐️write a google/fb/yelp review
👍🏼like a post
↗️share a post/story
🤗comment on a post 👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏽tag a friend who might be interested
💳purchase a gift card/retail sales
🎟participate in raffles/fundraisers
My heart is so full right now over the support KC is showing us small business folk. Lucky to be part of this community! #iheartkcsmallbiz #shopsmall #supportlocal #beyoutify #thankyou
Who wants in on my raffle?! You have until Saturday at 5pm, I will do the drawing Sunday! $5 entry, or $10 for 3! What does the winner get...
Spray tan, by yours truly
Whiskey&Bone bracelet
Whiskeu&Bone earrings
Weewoodworks football magnet
Blissful Creation’s headband
Tamara’s healing oil
Messner Bee Farm lip balm
***Retail value of $160***
Venmo @adavksu (8615 phone number)
Apple Pay 913-709-8615
#babessupportbabes #raffle #winnerwinner #thankyou #supportlocal
The clock is tickin’ to enter the raffle! Look at all these goodies you could get, along with a spray tan! And if I get enough entries, I’ll throw in a sugar! $5 entry, $10 for three! Venmo or Apple Pay. I will do the drawing end of week. #iheartkcsmallbiz #raffle #shopsmall #supportlocal #thankyou @ Be•YOU•tify
So much support from my KC people, I wanted to find a way to have some fun with it, give some retail and support my vendors. Raffle! Raffle! $5 entry, you can enter 3 times for $10! Once cost of items is covered, extra funds will go towards my salon rent/utilities during this time. What’s included? (All pictured above)

•W&B bracelet
•Spray tan by yours truly
•W&B earrings
•Wee Woodworks KC magnet
•Soothing oil
•Blissful creations pink headband

How to enter? Venmo w/name and say raffle entry. @adavksu If you do not have Venmo, you can Apple Pay 913-709-8615. Thank you all so much! I will do the drawing sometime next week! Please share! @ Be•YOU•tify

#shopsmall #supportlocal #sugaringhairremoval #beyoutify #airbrushtanning #iheartkcsmallbiz #raffle #thankyou
A few have asked to post the services I offer and pricing. You will find here pricing for Hers&His sugaring hair removal, and airbrush tanning prices are the same for all. For those wondering “what the heck is sugaring?!” Sugaring is an eco-friendly alternative to waxing, better for your skin and better for the environment. All natural mixture of sugar, water, lemon juice and xantham gum. No sticks, no strips, water soluble. Sugaring is generally more effective than waxing due to the technique allowing to get shorter hair! Less irritation, less ingrowns and happy clients!
Custom airbrush tanning, I offer regular 8-12 hour solution as well as a rapid 2-6 hour. I use a higher quality product, no streaks and a beautiful, natural bronze glow.

If you would like to purchase a service or gift card in advance, my Venmo is @adavksu and Apple Pay 913-709-8615. I am scheduling future appointments a month out. And will assess then. I thank you in advance for your support during this challenging time. If financially unable to, a review on yelp, google or Facebook is also VERY helpful❤️#sugaringhairremoval #airbrushtanning #spraytan #sugarwax #supportsmallbusiness #iheartkcsmallbiz #wewillgetthroughthis @ Be•YOU•tify
This little love of mine is 16 today!!!! Laid off from Beyoutify and quarantined for such a special birthday, quite a bummer😢 We tried to make the most of it and had a family FT happy hour, and boy are we gonna celebrate hard when we are outta here!!!! Wish her a HBD❤️ #averypaige #sweet16 #loveyou @ Be•YOU•tify
Many have asked how they can help, and my heart is beyond full because of that. Today I am sitting down cancelling all my auto pay bills and calling to find out penalties, and it is terrifying. I do not know when I will be able to work again, I hope soon. In the meantime, I am scheduling appointments a month out and will assess then. If you you would like the option to pre pay, my Venmo is @adavksu, Apple Pay 913-709-8615. Many are in the same boat as me, so please do not feel pressure to pre pay, you just scheduling for future makes me feel comfort in this time. Stay positive, let’s help each other out where we can. I’m stocked up on food if anybody needs a meal, please call!
***COMMENT WITH YOUR FAVES***This time is beyond stressful for us small business owners. But, it’s an opportunity for us to come together and support one another where we can. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite local business’, would love all to add theirs! Purchase gift cards, schedule future appointments, ask how they’re holding up and show up with compassion and support. #shopsmall #supportlocal #reachout
My #beyoutiful clients, it is with a heavy chest and a lot of anxiety posting this...but after today, I will be closed until further notice. Very, very difficult decision to make but I feel it’s best for the health of myself and clients. Thank you for the kind words and support. I will be back and will keep you posted via insta/FB. People have asked about gift cards, contact me and I will take care of you. Thank you, and love to all! #beyoutify #sugaring #airbrushtanning #iheartkcsmallbiz
This #boss is loving life on the beach! Feeling so grateful to have a business that allows me the freedom to do so. Excited to celebrate and protest with the women of Mexico tomorrow! #internationalwomensday #babessupportbabes #femaleowned #whoruntheworld #girls
Welcome, @wild_mint_jewelry! Check these local, handmade earrings😍 We met at @strawberryswingkc and thought she would be a perfect addition! Stop on by and #treatyoself! #shoplocal #shopsmall #femaleowned #babessupportbabes #beyoutify #iheartkcsmallbiz #handmade @ Be•YOU•tify
One of my goals, for the business, in 2020 is to up my retail game. Wellll, when you have talented makes that goal much easier to attain! Welcome, @weewoodworks. Stop in and grab some #chiefs and #kc pieces! #beyoutify #handmade #woodworking #crafty #shopsmall #supportlocal #iheartkcsmallbiz @ Be•YOU•tify


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