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[07/07/17]   In stock or on its way!
[04/11/17]   🚨ATTENTION Ladies🚨👇👇👇👇👇

If you are scrolling fb and have EVER ❓questioned 🤔 my little side job.. STOP what you're doing & Read this👇🏼Seriously‼‼. I've been blown away by what my LOVE for lipstick has done for my family and can only imagine what it's going to continue to do! 💋💋 I had NO expectations and BOOM💥 things have kind of gotten unreal!

Amazing things are happening at SeneGence International! Here's what I learned this weekend!

➖Philippe Guerreau, former VP at L'Oreal has joined our company and is now the President of Senegence International!!! 💙💙💙 If you know anything about L'Oreal and the mind behind it you know it's the real deal!

➖Chris Simonian, founder and former President of Beach Body (P90X, 21 Day Fix and Shakeology) has also joined our leadership team and is our new Chief Sales and Development Officer 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

➖We are now producing 2 Million Units of LipSense EACH WEEK and our growth is unprecedented!!! 😱

➖Our company is literally 20x the size that it was this time last year!!🙌🏻

➖Numbers don't lie... take a look at the growth of SeneGence compared to other companies growth (or decline) from March 2016-March 2017

•L'Oreal: +4.7% increase
•Avon: -2 % (decrease)
•Este'e Lauder: +4.6% increase
•P&G: -10% (decrease)
And... Wait for it!!!!

➖SeneGence +2,030 % increase!!! 😳💙🙊HELLO OPPORTUNITY!!

🔹We WILL BE the worldwide leader in Skincare and Cosmetics! This is not an "If," but a "WHEN!!!" I want you on my team if you're wanting a side job or want a make up membership for $55 to get products at a discount but better yet make your looking pretty a job!

🔹Every person I know has skin. Every woman I know wants to look younger, and BEAUTIFUL! What's stopping you from joining one of the FASTEST growing companies in the 🌎 !!!!!?? NOW is the time! I'm not a salesman (I couldn't sell you a million dollars if I had too) , however I'm a realist, I'm honest, I have a NO BULLSH*T policy, and I have joined a company that has blown me away!

Message me to answer your questions! I don't pressure you to sell, I only help you do what you want to do with your business or your LOVE ❤️ for lipstick and make up! However, I can and will help you succeed and change your life! 💥💙💥
[03/26/17]   As of 3/25/17

Corby Lyons/ Be You

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