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There is a virtual “casting” for an upcoming PAID Cricket Wireless photoshoot. A large cast is needed. DM us now at [email protected] for details to be considered.
You must be available for the shoot date July 14-17th (one day only).

Caucasian Male
Asian Female
Asian Male
18 yo Asian Female
18 yo Caucasian Female
Caucasian Female
AA Female
AA Male
18 yo AA Female
+50 Hispanic Female
Hispanic Male
Hispanic Female
18 yo Hispanic Girls
NowThis Daily Congratulations to this young high school #Latina who won the most prestigious #STEM award using #math. She’s now working with NASA! This is why we built! Be sure to get your ticket for the April 18th conference at MCC-Penn Valley Campus! Tickets here>>> Good morning! This teenager became the first Hispanic woman in decades to win America's most prestigious STEM competition.
Segura Marketing & Media Solutions The Collins-Cook Realty Team is offering the #KasasCity #Hispanic bilingual community #scholarships to join their realty team! Email them at [email protected] today to be enrolled in the next class! The Collins-Cook Realty Team is offering the #KasasCity #Hispanic bilingual community #scholarships to join their realty team! Email them at [email protected]
Cocoa Butter Skin color is beautiful. This Sudanese Model Was Asked If She'd Accept $10,000 To Bleach Her Skin
[12/04/13]   This page has been moved to Somos Agency and will soon be closed.
[10/02/12]   We've moved over to our new page Somos Agency! Come join us!
[04/27/12]   Congratulations to The Coveted Home and Jaclyn Joslin in their grand opening today in Prarie Village. We can't wait to come check out the new store!
[02/10/12]   me: "Yes, a logo contest is one way of getting a cheap logo...but...." Facebook to Hit 1 Billion User Mark in August [STUDY] 1 billion fafiliion bazillion million. Facebook will hit the 1 billion user mark in August, according to an analyst. Monologue: I’m Comic Sans, Asshole. Listen up. I know the sh*t you’ve been saying behind my back. You think I’m stupid. You think I’m immature. You think I’m a malformed, pathetic ex...
Why the QR code is failing | LinkedIn I've never looked followed QR codes but companies still add them to their marketing pieces. What do you think?
[10/19/11]   What do you think of QR code boxes? Fail or the next thing?
[10/04/11]   Thinking of fashion: When do you think, if ever, animal print clothes are appropriate? We're thinking never.
[08/24/11]   Having Brockton Creative Group one floor down from our awesome.

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