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Before and after of a beautiful fall trend. She showed me an I so pic titled “mushroom brown” I used shades 6gb and 7t on her ends to create this ash brown.
[09/09/20]   Who loves all natural hair products that are clinically proven for hair growth? Raise your 🙋🏼‍♀️ if you want some samples!!!! Send me a message and I’ll get some coming your way.
I’m now selling MONAT!!!!
I’m kicking myself for not getting a before picture because this was bad.... she had 2 inch roots, a band of purple and a faded purple blonde on ends. The original plan was to make her blonde with a shadow root. I go to wash her and the purple turned pink! So I asked if she wanted to be rose gold. Luckily she was cool with that. A disaster that turned out cool!
[04/29/20]   To all my clients- I will be going into the salon today to start the rescheduling process and to go over the salon guidelines. Once again I have to go in order from March 20th! This will be a long process please be patient.
[04/27/20]   I’m starting to get very overwhelmed by the amount of messages I’m getting from clients asking me when they can get an appointment and if they can have my first available opening. Please understand I have to go in order of clients who had prebooked appointments and clients who are currently prebooked for May. I have no idea when the salon will be opening but I can assure you that when I know I will be in contact with you.
[03/20/20]   Unfortunately Rio salon has decided to close for two weeks. As for all my clients next week I will be calling you to reschedule.
[03/18/20]   The salon is currently still open! I will continue to take the necessary precautions to keep my clients healthy and safe. I will be disinfecting before and after every client.

I checked my temperature this morning just to be extra cautious. You can do the same! 😜

Please, if you are sick call and reschedule.

Have a great day! ❤️
[03/16/20]   If you are sick (even if you have “allergies”) please stay home... I still have to work during this crazy time and I prefer to stay healthy!
Copper hair so beautiful and look at the shine!
[01/24/20]   I have been loving hot heads extensions and so have my clients!

Have you been thinking about adding more volume or length to your hair? Hot heads extensions can do just that. By simply adding one pack to your hair you can add a great amount of volume and fullness. When adding extensions for length you need 2-3 packs depending how long you desire to be.

Hot heads are very easy on the hair when properly installed and maintained. Another huge bonus is they only take an hour to put in! The maintenance on them is very simple as well, you will need to come in every 6-8 weeks to get them moved up.

I’m looking for more extensions clients and I’m offering 10% OFF the install price for all NEW extension clients!

Call Rio today to book your free consultation.

*bonus* I have hair in stock at the salon now!
20” hair extensions! I now have hair in stock at the salon... come in for a consultation!
[11/07/19]   I just wanted to put a warning out there that I have very little availability left for the next two months! December I have two days available for booking... The 20th I have 2 spots open for haircuts only. The 21st I have 3 openings left for color and cuts. Please remember to call now to schedule. I can’t squeeze anymore in! (I’m only one person 😅) Thank you.

As for November I have a handful of openings left. I’ve opened myself up for Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th to allow more clients to get in before thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays!
[11/06/19]   Two cancellations for tomorrow 1:00 and 6:00 who wants in?
Before and after
[10/30/19]   Cancellation for today at 1:00
Another set of extensions done and another happy client.
[10/22/19]   I have some openings this week!!
Have you ever thought about extensions? Let’s talk about it... Book a consultation with me.
Should’ve taken a before
I need to be better about posting on here-Happy FALL!!! As always the salon has been busy and it’s only getting busier as we get closer to the holidays. My November and December spots are filling up fast. Be sure to prebook your appointments for the remainder of the year.

On another note- look at this beautiful fall vibe hair I did last week....
Wow! Has it been awhile since I have posted on here... Look how cute my Rio family is! We are about to be saying goodbye to Barb as she is leaving at the end of the month to go be a new mom! Come in to rio before then to say your goodbyes as well. ❤️
[05/15/19]   I have two openings on Friday and Saturday of this week. Who wants in... message me.

[03/07/19]   Last minute cancellation for today at 2:00. Free conditioning treatment!!!
This is soooooo accurate. I never get a lunch break.
[02/20/19]   Snow again! I have a last minute opening today at 1:30.
Come in and get your hair done on this cold Thursday!
[01/24/19]   I have an opening for tomorrow at 1:00!
Pink hair for a client today
[01/18/19]   Happy Friday!
An icing blonde done right!

Added a lowlight and toned her.
A before and after of a first time client.
• Highlight
• Lowlight
• Toner
• Haircut
[01/16/19]   Refer a friend and get $10 off your next visit!
Cheers to all my clients who prebook their appointments. 😘

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