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402 N Foxridge Dr, Raymore, MO, 64083

Laura Jambrosic Permanent Makeup

402 N Foxridge Dr

Raymore, MO, 64083

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This sale is for all clients who need their Permanent Makeup touched up! Touch ups run between $250.00- and $ 325.00. Call 816-510-8669 between Monday Nov. 30th and Dec 3rd to book, and you will get 20% off your touch up price!
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Here it is...this years Black Friday deal will be for New Permanent Makeup. You always wanted to try the eyeliner...wish you had some brows again, here's your chance. 40% off. Yep, that's right! $160.00 off everyday price!!! Your new eyeliner or eyebrows, purchased by 5pm Sunday night will be $240.00. Call 816-510-8669 to get this deal. Cyber Monday's deal will be for existing clients who need touching up from years past! Please share this post, someone will thank you!!!!
[11/18/20]   As Always, I'll be running your favorite Black Friday ads! Hmmmm...what will I do this year??? Post here what you want me to run for Black Friday or even Cyber Monday . Share out two times on FB, and your idea just might be my choice for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale. If it will win the contest of half price new brows or eyeliner!!!! A winner will be announced here on my FB page after Cyber Monday.
[10/01/20]   October is a 'set aside month' to remind all women to get their Mammogram!! DO IT! Early detection will save your life! 1 in 8 women develop Breast Cancer today. DO IT! As much as I cherish giving a woman a 3d nipple and areola tattoo to finish their Breast Cancer journey, I actually want to NEVER have you in one of my Studio's to do this work. I want a world free of Breast Cancer . DO IT!
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[09/05/20]   Hello Permanent Makeup friends!!! September is booked!! Time to book your October and November appointments. The holidays fill up fast, call to schedule your appointment soon and wake up with Makeup!
Only got a few shots of today's busy day.....
Bad lighting, but still a pretty brow...❀
[05/06/20]   Hi everyone!!!! Long time no see....πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·. I have been given the ok to tattoo again in my county. I just wanted to let you know, for your safety ( as I am opening your skin doing Permanent Cosmetics), I have made the decision to wait a few more weeks to see if opening Salons, Tattoo shops and Nail salons impact anything dealing with Covid 19 . I have only your best interest at heart. I dearly care for you! I have many of you on my waiting list and will call you as soon as I feel this is safe for YOU. Anyone wanting on my list please call me on the Permanent Makeup line. 816-510-8669. I will get you all priority scheduling when I feel it is safe for you. I've missed my tattooing and YOU!!!!!
Pretty eyes to work on today. Her first tattoo! She rocked it! ❀. Thicker wedge upper liner and lower lash line.
Liner kinda day....
[01/09/20]   I am booking for February now.... Call for your appointment! 816-510-8669. You're gonna love it !
Just a few short weeks..get yours soon!!!!
Before and after. Brows make a huge difference to your face!
This wonderful woman had very little natural eyebrow hair, and wanted a very natural look.
[09/24/19]   I will be out of both of my Studio's until Wednesday, October 2nd. Please call for your appointment after the 2nd! Have a GREAT week everyone!!!
[09/23/19]   Eyebrow Special: Day of Beauty. Bring your bff with get your eyebrows done together, you both will receive $100.00 off the regular price of Eyebrow tattooing. Call for more details: 816-510-8669.
Laura Jambrosic Permanent Makeup
Laura Jambrosic Permanent Makeup
[09/06/19]   I had a last minute cancelation for Saturday 9/7 at 1:30 for a new client eyebrow or eyeliner appointment. Call if you want it! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
[08/04/19]   I will be out of both Studio's from August 6th through August 14th. If you need anything, leave me a message and I will be returning calls/texts/messages the 15th. Thanks everyone!!!!! Laura

[06/28/19]   I have many clients come to me wanting bad Microblading removed. In Missouri, we have NO regulations on Microblading. A person can get a weeks training or less and work anywhere without any tattoo license. In Missouri, someone could also watch a You Tube video and say they can Microblade and open their own business. Due to this, I see so many disastrous results. I am working with an amazing new product that removes bad Permanent Makeup. I am offering a removal for two people. The cost for this service would be normally $ 175.00 a session ( possible three sessions needed). Your cost would be $75.00 a session with me as I work with this amazing new product from my regular line of product. This is for removal of eyebrows or eyeliner only. The first two people to call will be who I evaluate for this service. I am hoping to help a lot of people for years to come.
[06/12/19]   Hi everyone! I will be out of both my Studio's June 14th-18th. Have a great week ladies!
If you're wanting just a little eyelash enhancement...Permanent Cosmetics is for you! Very subtle line that heals right in your lash line to create the look of thick lashes and a more open/awake eye. Summer special: Upper and lower Lash Enhancement: $ 275.00. Upper or Lower Lash Enhancement: $175.00. This special summer deal ends June 30th. You can also purchase now, and use at a later date. 816-510-8669. You'll LOVE it!

This was sent to me by a client. It is a bit blurry, but it shows upper and lower liner healed ( without filters...). I have a LOT of clients wanting natural liner that has the every day wear look. This really gives you an idea of what the outcome of natural looking liner will be. Photo credit to Kandy ! Thank you!
Time to get those Eyebrows Permanent!! No sweating them off, no more wiping them away!! Booking into summer now. Call 816-510-8669 to book today. Please share this post on your FB page and get 20% off your OWN brows!!!
[05/10/19]   Hello everyone! I am booking into the middle of June now. If I missed any of your messages/voicemail and did not get you booked, please forgive me , and call or message me this next week. Busy season for Permanent Cosmetics. Whew!!!! I love all my clients and don't want anyone to think I forgot about them!! Remember, I work 5 days a week now...πŸ™‚πŸ˜Monday's at the new Med Spa in Harrisonville( Amazingly Ageless Med Spa) and Wednesday-Saturday at my Studio in Raymore. Hope to hear from you soon! Happy Mothers Day to those mom's out there!
This amazing lady had about 10 hairs on her natural brow line. She wanted this exact shape. She was very adamant about having this particular eyebrow shape. 10% of what you see is actual hair, the rest is a tattoo. Hairstrokes and shading between. Done with machine work.
April showers bring Upper Eyeliner Special!!!! Regularly $299.00 April Showers Special :$225.00!!!! Bring a friend....and you BOTH get upper eyeliner for $200.00 each!!! Bring on the Showers of Savings and Wake up with Makeup!!" Call today! 816-510-8669.
Laura Jambrosic Permanent Makeup
March Madness Sale for Permanent Makeup! Bring a buddy! Two sign up together for Permanent Brows or Eyeliner, and each of you get $100.00 off your procedure!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! Call now! 816-510-8669. You're gonna LOVE waking up with makeup!!
Lovely eyebrows on a lovely lady!!!! #LauraJambrosicPermanentMakeup

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