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Shaw and Co. Beauty + Wellness
[04/17/20]   A Reminder that I am doing my best to reschedule clients. With the extension of the stay at home order, it has only made things even more challenging.
I promise I am working my way towards you for those booked.
I am in a unique situation, I fortunately am the only stylist in my place of business. My hopes are that SOON I can start seeing one client at a time.
To those of you that have been so faithful to me over the years and for those prebooked, I am offering gift certificates & or prepay for your next appointment. Either send a text or fb message with the amount and your email & I will Square invoice through email or the other options are Venmo, Apple Pay &Cash App.
We WILL get through this❤️
Again, thank you to everyone that has been so wonderful to me over the years & through this time❤️
I am just as anxious to be back in the salon as you are to have your hair done! We will get through this!
I’m still working on getting everyone rescheduled🤖
[03/20/20]   Due to the CDC’s recommendations on containing the spread of this COVID-19 Virus, Shaw & Co Salon will close in hopes of doing our part to prevent the spread of this virus. As a small business this was a lingering and difficult decision to make but feel that it is in the best interest of our community & all of our immunosuppressed loves ones.
We hope you understand why & do your part as well.
As of now Shaw & Co will reopen Monday April 6th.
Dues to the high volume of prebooked clients over the next 4 weeks, we will be shutting down online booking temporarily.
I know that this decision may not sit well with some. I feel that me doing my part in taking the advice of keeping the spread to a minimal will allow us to resume our normal everyday lives sooner rather than later.
Thank you to all of my Clients for your loyalty over the years❤️
I promise, I will be just as ready to get back to it as you will be to cover the gray.

Edit** there have been many inquiries on how to purchase gift certificates. I will post I fo tomorrow in regards.
*As of now please think of small businesses with employees, single house holds, the elderly, those with children, and most importantly those with pre existing illnesses.
Merry Christmas Eve!!
Thank you to all of my Wonderful Clients for another Great year!!
Shaw & Co will be closed through the holidays as well as disconnecting from technology for a few days!
To book appointments for January visit
Be Merry, Spread Joy & Love❤️❤️❤️
Until 2020✌️
[06/18/19]   I, Sheldon Shaw am on Vacation until Tuesday June 25th!🏖🌈🍤
I will return messages periodically through the week.
Merry Christmas from the Shaw Family ❤️
We hope everyone has enjoyed the day with loved ones!
[10/11/18]   Happy 1 year Anniversary to Us!!!
Yesterday was a Beautiful Day!
My baby brother got married!
We fancied up the salon with brunch & mimosas while getting everyone Glammed up! It was also homecoming for Ray-Pec! @ Raymore, Missouri
🤦🏼‍♀️ UPDATE 8:23 a.m. (9/14): KC Water made the repairs to the water main and we are back to normal operations. 👍

UPDATE 2:24 p.m. (9/12): Our Public Works Department has been informed that the 42" main repair will not be completed until Friday, Sept. 14. The break is affecting the water coming from the south terminal in Lee's Summit.

Raymore Public Works is continuing to monitor the water levels and pressure to maintain adequate water to the community. Please continue to use water wisely.


Kansas City is working on repairing a break on a main water line today that supplies water to Raymore. Our water towers are full, but some residents may experience low water pressure today.

Please skip watering the lawn today! And even though it's really cute, don't let your dog run around the yard with the hose at full blast! 😉

We'll update this post when the line is repaired.
Today Show I love this❤️❤️ One thing daughters can teach their moms? How to love their natural hair texture.
💁‍♀️🤭😍👀💆🏼‍♀️ This Kansas City Bride’s Modern Take on a Classic Gown 3.3.2018 Bride ❤️ One of my favorite Mother/daughter clients!
Her dress was phenomenal!
For any of my clients that I had shared about her custom designed wedding dress, here are the details👗 An elegant Kansas City wedding at The Grand Hall, made complete with a tiered custom wedding dress.
I’m definitely not counting down the days but my openings are dwindling quickly🧐🤭
Book @
Stay positive✌️& COOL ❄️on this HOT🔥 Friday!!
Ashlyn at Shaw & Co Salon 12:00 and 4:00 tomorrow are left!

10% off to whoever claims these spots.
816-738-5263, call or text 📞📲
[05/28/18]   I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day. Enjoying Family & Friends while remembering all those that have made the ultimate sacrifice ❤️ Shaw and Co. Beauty + Wellness Just a friendly reminder that we are closed this week through next Monday.
If you’re needing an appointment you can book through the website fb link or text me. I will be returning messages periodically while I am out of town.
Ashlyn will be back the 9th and is booking up fast.
I hope everyone has a great week and I will see you soon!!👋 Shaw and Co. is Raymore's newest salon. Our cozy, sun-filled, boho-eclectic shop is the perfect setting for all of your beauty and wellness needs. Shaw and Co. Beauty + Wellness will be closed March 25th through April 2nd.
For those of you that need and appointment before the 25th, lets get you booked.
My evenings are full and there are only a few openings left before I leave and very few for the week I come back.

Ashlyn will return from her maternity leave on April 11th. You can book with her through the website “Appointment” button.

We hope everyone is healthy, happy & looking forward to SPRING 🙌🌸🌼🌞 Shaw and Co. is Raymore's newest salon. Our cozy, sun-filled, boho-eclectic shop is the perfect setting for all of your beauty and wellness needs.
[02/17/18]   We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Harlee James Gaston!!
I keep checking for pictures and announcements!!!
It has been an extremely busy month!! I'm so thankful for all of my wonderful clients!! They make the long days that much more enjoyable!! will be closed through Wednesday the 27th.
Wishing everyone an enjoyable and safe Christmas weekend!! Just two more days to go 🖖🖖🖖
L👁👁K!! Do you notice that Awesome book sitting there?!
Not the Young Living, (even though those are Amazing) but the “L❤️✂️E” !!! How cool is that?!!! 😎
Ashlyn at Shaw & Co Salon Last minute openings this week, including SATURDAY!! Let me know if I can get you in. 😊
I can't wait any longer! This creative masterpiece is my Mom's Shawna, that she put in my dryer area!!
There is no denying it, this girl is Talented & Extremely knowledgeable with balayage, color melts, corrective color and more!!
To book an Appointment with Ashlyn, you can either call, text (8167385263), book through our page or website!
Let us work our Magic🤹‍♀️ So that you can have beautiful hair for the Holidays! Shaw and Co. Beauty + Wellness Happy Halloween!!!
From us at Shaw & Co.
Don’t forget those appointments!
Either book through
Through page, text or call!!
Ashlyn 8167385263
Sheldon 8165099983 Shaw and Co. is Raymore's newest salon. Our cozy, sun-filled, boho-eclectic shop is the perfect setting for all of your beauty and wellness needs.
Okay!!!! I can announce the News!!!!
Ashlyn will be joining!
I have watched her grow from a young girl into a very talented young woman!!!!!
She will be an AWESOME addition!!!
She will be linked to the website by the end of the week!!!!
[10/24/17]   We will have some Exciting news to share, Very Soon!!!!
A little goes a long ways👌 Shaw and Co. Beauty + Wellness Just wanted to Clarify that if you had booked an appointment through text, phone call, or in person prior to me going paperless, You DO still have the same appointment!
I apologize to those that I might have confused!
I look forward to seeing everyone at my new location!
For those of you that do not have an appointment booked, you can still call or text at 8165099983, or you can book through the new system using the book now tab on my page or through my website @ Shaw and Co. is Raymore's newest salon. Our cozy, sun-filled, boho-eclectic shop is the perfect setting for all of your beauty and wellness needs.
Well, I have officially completed my first week in my Own Salon!!! It has been an incredible feeling to say the least! I am ecstatic, my clients are extremely happy and excited!!! This week has been complete confirmation that the progress with my Dream is not only giving myself a relaxing and peaceful environment, but my clients as well!! & I couldn't be happier!!!
A tremendous amount of Grattitude to my Husband, Mother & Brother for their faith in me, hard work and expanding upon my vision for My own Salon!
All of this wouldn't be possible without all of the Love & Support that everyone has given!!!

& by the way: I have EARNED those bags under my eyes this past month! 😉

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