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[10/27/20]   We will be closing at 4 today!
[10/21/20]   Just so everyone knows (not that it should surprise anyone) we have won best Barber shop in Pulaski county (we think they meant the world but 🤷🏼‍♂️). Also Dylan won best Barber, usually they give out a plaque to the winners but we just called them and in order to receive a plaque this year you have to purchase an ad from them (they dropped the price since it’s been such a rough year on everyone 🤦🏻‍♂️) We don’t plan on doing that but we just wanted to thank all of you for voting for us!!!! We may be assholes but hey seems some of you like us!!
Get a haircut or get fired, that’s your options!!!
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[10/04/20]   Dylan will be out of the shop for a few days, his wife Alissa Vestal and himself welcomed another baby boy into the world this morning.

Asher Lee Vestal
Born October- 4-2020 at 9:43
7lb 1oz 20 1/2 inch long


We will be raffling of this gun to raise money for the Rosanna Hathaway memorial scholarship fund, details are in the picture. They will be available today at the Roby fair and starting tomorrow at the barber shop. If anyone in the Houston/cabool areas would like to sell some just let me know and I can get some to you. This is for a great cause, thank you all!!!
Here it is you filthy animals, we have completed our new look (for now). We will now be offering memberships, you do not need a membership to come in and enjoy our bubbly personalities everyone is still welcomed in our establishment!! This is just something I’ve decided to try out and set us further apart from everyone else!!!!

If you are a member you will receive access to our complementary drinks!! (If you think these prices are too high, you don’t understand the overhead cost) 🥃 Here are what the memberships will include:

Platinum membership—$300 for the year, includes whiskey glass, slot on the wall with name for glass, access to humidor and cigar, full access behind bar at anytime, access to all 3 shelves, access to private deck out back to enjoy your cigar and drink. You do not have to get a haircut to enjoy your drink, stop by on the way home from a stressful day or just to talk sh*t!

6 month platinum membership (because we know some of you are here for shorter schools)— $180 for 6 months, includes whiskey glass, slot on wall with name for glass, access to humidor and cigar, full access behind bar at anytime, access to all 3 shelves, access to private deck out back to enjoy your cigar and drink.

Gold membership—$220 for 1 year, includes whiskey glass, slot on wall with name for glass, access behind bar to get drink only, only able to get a drink when you stop in for haircut access to bottom 2 shelves!!

We just want to show everyone that we aren’t just here to get you in and get you out, this is something different than any others in the area. We enjoy our clientele and we hope you enjoy the time in our shop!! We are not a bar we will not sell individual drinks, you will not sit in here to get drunk. This is a gentleman’s (gentlewomans too 😆) place to enjoy a drink while talking sh*t!! That being said, the first 5 to sign up for a full platinum membership will get a flask and t-shirt included with their membership!

For everyone else we will be selling t-shirts $20 (limited supply on hand), once we run out we will be taking orders so we know what sizes we will need. We will also have a limited supply of whiskey glasses and flasks available to sale also. They will be first come first serve. Glasses will be $15 and flasks will be $20!!

We will be giving away one t-shirt flask and glass combo, one glass and flask combo, and one t-shirt and glass combo. To have a chance to win you must like our page, like this post, share this post and comment done. Must do all to be entered into the drawing.
We would like to start by thanking everyone of our clients, friends, family, and even the ones who actually wanted us to fail (yes that’s a true statement, we had people hoping we would fail and not be able to reopen our doors after this covid ordeal). Little did they know, we have a pretty big following hell we even have people follow our page because they love the bs we post!!! 🤷🏼‍♂️ Thank you all for your support we enjoy each and every day with you all, (even if we are assholes)!!!

That being said we will be revealing some things on Tuesday September 1st, that will be my 11th year anniversary of owning and running the shop and it’s new location (there’s still a handful of clients that remember the old shop). It has came a long way since September 1st 2009, these are some pictures of what it use to look like. Stay tuned Tuesday for the pictures of what it looks like now and what we are doing.

Thank you all again for the support, this is for many more years to come, for some of you that we’ve watched grow as families one day we will be giving your grandchildren their first sh*tty haircuts too!!!
Update: thank you everyone we have someone doing them up right now, we appreciate everyone’s response!!

Who knows someone who can turn the top pic into the bottom pic? We are needing to put on our window outside, roughly 6’ wide x 2-1/2’ tall. Same colors as bottom pic minus the est date? Let us know!!
It’s starting to come together, just a few more finishing touches and we will let everyone know what’s going on. Bar.....ber shop!!! Tell your friends to follow we will be doing some giveaways once everything is complete!!!
Sneak peek, still have to finish the top up and move some things around.
[07/30/20]   Serious question, we have any whiskey peeps that could give me some info? Other then i drink it to get drunk!!
Free must pick up, someone needs or used sh*t!!!
[07/29/20]   If you come in and there’s a mess, mind ya damn business we are changing stuff around!!!
Forewarning, starting tomorrow when you walk in we may all be dressed a little classier than you are all use to. We are trying to look better, hopefully making up for our asshole attitudes (those aren’t going anywhere) 🤷🏼‍♂️ so that being said, we aren’t dressed up because we have a court date, we are dressed up because why should you trust us to make you look good if we don’t look good!!

The only exclusion will be in casual Friday’s!!!
We will be closed Saturday July 4th, because ‘Merica 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥 🎇 🧨
Here yee, here yee, as of August 1 these will be our new prices!! We have been thinking about this for awhile and finally decided that Walmart salon shouldn’t charge more than we do! (Even with this increase they still do) if you don’t like it, do we really need to tell you how we feel about that? Like honestly you should all know we don’t give a damn how you feel about us so 🖕🏻🤷🏼‍♂️😁 (take a joke). Honestly if you think it’s too high go around town and check, some are cheaper yet some are more. We don’t charge extra for a razor, some do everywhere is different, but our bubbly happy personalities should make up for it!
We had a great time today, thanks to @itskurtiss and @sbknaggs for coming down and sharing their knowledge!! It was a blast and we hope to see you all again. Thanks to everyone who came to the class today! @hanzonation @hanzoedu
Barbers and stylists don’t forget tomorrow at 3 we will be hosting a hanzo class. We will be closing shop around noon to set up for it. We hope to see you there!
[06/11/20]   You cancel paw patrol, Elmer Fudd can’t have a gun to hunt waskly wabbits, cops gets cancelled live p.d gets cancelled, 6 city blocks are taken over in Seattle and they put barricades up to keep certain individuals out. What’s next Yosemite Sam can’t carry his 6 shooters, like WTF are we doing!!! The whole world has seemed to have forgotten covid-19 existed so can we’re just get back to business as usual already!!! God help us!!!
All small business owners we will be having a meeting tomorrow at 3. All are welcome the more that show the better it will be.
[05/21/20]   I am but 1 small business in this town, I have heard from other business owners and small business managers. I can listen to the town hall speech every week from the CG, the same things are reiterated every week. I can ask questions that are bypassed every time. She’s the one who says to keep social distancing and to wear masks on base yet if I ask why they aren’t doing so in the town hall meeting I’m that “asshole” who needs to find something better to do with my time.

My time, let’s take a minute to think about that. I live in a free country last I checked so my time is just that, MY TIME! Do not tell me what to do with my time because I ask a simple question of why they aren’t following their own rules and you can’t give me an answer. My time would also be used in a way I prefer if you would allow my business to get back to normal, yet you continue to not allow soldiers to come into my business as well as many others in town. Why can’t they you ask, well that’s the same question we ask and have yet to receive an answer.

Barbers along with tattoo artists, nail techs, hair salons and spas are all trained in sanitation. If you believe for one moment that Walmart, Lowe’s, gas stations or most any other business in town is more sanitary than any of the afore mentioned then you are blind!! All of these places are able to have soldiers in them yet we are not, and still no answer to why. If you asked us to follow certain guidelines and we didn’t do that then we could understand your decision, but you won’t even give us the chance!!

All of these small businesses are suffering from this decision. Yet when you need sponsors who do you come and ask? You ask the business’s in town, you ask for our support the support of the surrounding community yet when we need you to support us you turn your back as if we don’t exist. It was bad enough that we had to unconstitutionally shut our businesses down for a month, then when we are to believe we will somewhat get back to normal you decide to place us all off limits until who knows when. 1 month of no income now we are on month 2 with 85-90% of our business unable to come in, how long does this last? How long until most of these businesses lock their doors for the final time?

Big business is thriving as usual and small business is suffering. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with you being able to walk into a place with 434 other people and that is considered safe! Yet it’s unsafe to go into a barber shop and receive a haircut, a tattoo parlor to revive a tattoo, a nail salon to have your nails done, or even a restaurant to sit down to grab a bite to eat!

I am but 1 voice some may agree and some may not, some may want to say things but are afraid to say them. So here I am again that “ASSHOLE” who will be a voice, who will ask why, who will not be afraid of what others think or say. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not suppose to be, you don’t have to agree with anything I say I respect that because we we live in a free country where everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions. But we as a community must stand together to get this figured out or we will all watch these small businesses lock their doors for good one by one!
[05/12/20]   Our hours of operation are as follows....

Sunday———- We aren’t
Monday———- allowed to
Tuesday———- cut soldier’s
Wednesday—— so it’s
Thursday——— slow as
Friday———— f**k, call ahead
Saturday——— to see if we are open!!

It’s slow folks, so our hours may change a little until that bitch Carole Baskins allows everything to go back to normal!!!
[05/08/20]   So I’ve heard from a few people recently that they think I’m crazy because of the things I post on here. I’m not saying that I’m not a little crazy but hey I post how I feel and you can take it how you like. But like momma always said it’s not nice to judge others, especially if you don’t know them. I’m an asshole, but I’m the nicest one you’ll ever meet and I would do anything to help someone out! Don’t judge a book by its cover, because the story inside may be one you’re glad you read! Here’s a little something I worked on last night.

It’s just a hair

Before you say it’s just a hair, please think of all the times we were there for you. They may seem minuscule to you, but were they?

We were there for your child’s first haircut, it’s a special thing many of you cried and we shared that experience with you.

The haircut before their first day of school, for their graduation again we were there!

Their first dance, the first big date, the job interview, the funeral of a loved one, we were there!

When you found the one you loved and told us you were going to ask her to marry you, we congratulated you and made you look good for the big moment.

We were part of your wedding, we were there to listen when you got a divorce!

We were there when you just needed that haircut to make yourself feel better because you had a rough week!

When you lost your job, when you finally got the promotion you had been fighting for, we were there!

I’ve been doing this for 18 years, I’ve seen many of you for your first haircuts. I’ve seen your kids grow, the size of your family grow and everything listed above along with so much more.

So before you tell me “it’s just hair” think about all the special moments of your lives we have been involved in. It’s not “just hair” never has been and never will be!

Your continued support is much appreciated through these times, it’s especially hard being put off limits to military personnel when you’ve done nothing wrong. Whether you come to our shop or the many others in town just know that we all appreciate you guys, this is rough for small business owners but we will get through it!!
[05/04/20]   I know I come across as an asshole on here about 98% of the time, some people don’t like it others love it. It’s how we do we don’t expect everyone to think it’s ok, but before you judge us come in and see what we are about. We love our jobs and our clients the last month was hard on us all. But after the amazing business you guys gave us today we just want to thank each and every one of you guys for the support. The outcome was amazing and we couldn’t do any of this without you guys, thank you all again!!

That was the 2% non asshole, that’s enough for the year, all you bastards that didn’t show up today we will be back at it tomorrow and every other day for the rest of the year, (unless we decide not to be)

From all of us assholes, we really do appreciate you guys and your continued support!!!
May the fourth be with you all!! Now come see us because we know a lot of you are looking like this after the quarantine!! Balls, and back are extra!!
[05/03/20]   We are open tomorrow at 8 a.m., if you are sick please stay at your damn house or go to Walmart like every other red blooded American. Do not bring anyone in with you if they aren’t getting a haircut, we are trying to keep the amount of breathing down to a minimum so hold your breath as often as you can, if you pass out we will go through your pockets and then wake you up. We will limit the amount of people in the shop at a time so be patient or piss off. No handshake allowed, elbow taps, or a simple kiss on the lips with suffice. Hope to see as many of you as possible!!!
[04/25/20]   If I sit at home and live off the government I’m considered a piece of sh*t and looked down upon by others. Yet if I want to open my business back up, support my family and continue living like normal I am now considered a piece of sh*t. I may not be considered essential and that’s fine by me, but to my family and the ones I support I’m pretty f**king essential. There are plenty of businesses that are still open that I wouldn’t consider essential but yet they bring in a larger tax revenue to the city so they are allowed to continue operation.

If a haircut isn’t essential then why is buying a car? Just a little food for thought!

I know I’m wrong, I’m stupid, blah blah blah!! #FYF
[04/23/20]   We are officially able to open on the 4th of May!!! Yeah sounds great until you hear the post CG say all Barber, beauty, nail, and tanning salons along with tattoo shops are off limits to military personnel until the 25th of May (unless she lifts it sooner, or extends it) because they are in close proximity or contact with each other. That puts a big hindrance on many of the small businesses in this community.

But hey let’s all go to Walmart and hangout with the other 400 f**king people walking around touching and breathing on everything. That makes perfect sense! 🤦🏻‍♂️
I mean we gotta do something right? 🤷🏼‍♂️💈🕺🏼
We want to thank everyone for the support in this sh*tty time. We know you all look like sh*t by now but we are doing all we can to get back in operation. We have another option we are going to try but the people we need to contact won’t be in until Monday. 🤞🏻we can get back going soon. From all of us assholes at the shop, we want yuns to know we do miss our jobs and our sh*tty clients.

P.s. this post will probably piss some people off, because evidently people can’t take jokes. You can ask us if we care (we think you all know the answer to that though)

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